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Change for good in UK farming

We believe that it is essential to invest in and support all types of UK farming, particularly sustainable, organic and biodiverse farming.  We currently farm our land and resources at an exponential and unsustainable rate.  One that will ultimately and very quickly, leave us without the necessary resources to survive.


Serious stuff eh?  We at Aspire Via Studios think so too!


At the very least, we owe it to our children, nieces, nephews, godchildren, grandchildren, great grandchildren to be able to make a conscious and collaborative effort to invest in and support all charities and organisations that promote farming research and innovative ways that will allow us to continue farming, responsibly and sustainably.


It is hugely important for everyone to pull together, now more so than ever and support our surrounding environment.  It is the very thing that has protected us as human beings for centuries and has allowed us to survive and evolve.


Morally, is it not our duty to repay this debt?  Just as our environment has sustained and supported us for centuries, it will also continue to do so for centuries more, provided we make a conscious effort to reciprocate in some way.  The causes that we support and work with are a great start for us to start healing.  Even if you haven’t been involved in charity before, this is an excellent programme and one that can involve and benefit the whole family.


It offers us the opportunity of a better quality of life and a longer life.  What more incentives do we need?  Get involved today and help us heal.


How we help UK farming

How it works is quite simple and straightforward.  The farming research and charities that we partner with are open to all levels of engagement, formal or informal and with no commitment or obligation.  Members receive fundraising packs and kits and are encouraged to actively promote these good causes both inside our immediate community and throughout the wider community and geographical areas.  All interest generated will be grouped into a workshop in one of our locations and we then establish an action statement for how we can best help and support our partners.

We are also developing farming placements for our artists and creatives to spend a period of time working the land and learning about the research, so that they can take what they have learned and apply practical changes to their personal lives, that will all provide invaluable support for our farming causes.

We also take great pride in being able to offer financial donations. We are able to generate revenue for these from a percentage of ticket sales from artists exhibitions. Also when we generate commissioned sales for our artists, they will often donate a percentage of the proceeds which we can also use to donate to the farming causes that we support.


The benefits of our support are obvious and numerous, however three of the main benefits of our support are:


Money to invest in research.

Any donations that we make will contribute enormously towards the research and development of new ways to farm responsibly and sustainably.


Greater awareness

All of the awareness that we are able to raise will spread the message far and wide and allow more and more conscious people to get involved and “do their bit” to help.


An experience to remember

All of our artists and creatives who have taken part in the farming placements and worked land, studied seeds, spent time in nature and seen just how important their involvement is, have all reported to us, just now much they enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anybody.  Most go on to then involve their children and families and become active in  programs more local to their homes.

Want to find out how you can get involved?

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Partnerships in focus

forestry trust -art-logo.png

The Agroforestry Research Trust is a non-profit making charity, registered in England, which researches and educates about agroforestry and perennial crops. We do practical research on our trial grounds, run courses, publish guides, and sell plants, seeds and books. We are a carbon-negative organisation - we store more carbon on our land sites than we produce from all our activities.

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Watch the video:

A forest garden with 500 edible plants could lead to a sustainable future

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Sustainagle Food Trust logo.jpg

The Sustainable Food Trust works to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food and farming systems that nourish the health of both people and planet. To achieve this, they work catalytically and collaboratively, with an emphasis on communication, education and thought leadership.

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Biodynamic Land Trust.png

The Biodynamic Land Trust benefits society through with communities to:

  • secure UK land in trust,

  • protect and develop biodynamic, organic, community-connected farms, and

  • provide further opportunities for sustainable agriculture and entrant farmers/growers.

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Farming First logo.png

Farming First exists to identify and promote the many ways in which sustainable agricultural development can be advanced worldwide.


With one shared voice, Farming First highlights the importance of improving farmers’ livelihoods as well as the important contribution that agriculture can make to related global issues such as food security, climate change, and biodiversity. It also aims to build synergies amongst its supporters in promoting Farming First’s mission.

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Agricology is network whose purpose is to share practical information on sustainable approaches with farmers and growers. It is a free platform, open to everyone. The project was set up in 2015  and is run in partnership with the The Daylesford Foundation, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust Allerton Project, and the Organic Research Centre. 

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Learn about other good causes we support