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Enabling young artists to thrive

Inspiring & supporting the next generation of young artists

A large part of our charitable work is designed to inspire, influence and develop a steady stream of young, UK based artists and creatives so that they can reap the rewards and benefits in their later careers.  We feel that this is hugely important for a great number of reasons, stimulating the economy being just one of those reasons.  Of more importance to us however, is that we have the opportunity to make art accessible to the full spectrum of society and if we do not take this opportunity, then this act would be fundamentally wrong as a course of action, but also when you consider “human” behaviour.

To deny anyone the access to and privilege of witnessing, enjoying, contemplating and lastly, creating their own art to express themselves, is both a punishment and a torture.

Art feeds the mind and soul and is capable of unlocking the door to new worlds of possibility within a human beings imagination.

In times such as these, shouldn’t we all be taking the time to heal ourselves through something so positive, so creative and so rewarding?

Image by iSAW Company

How we help young artists

We deliver support and provide practical help to young artists in a number of ways:

  • Providing safe and secure space from which artists & creatives can work, mentor, coach, learn, study, perform and in some cases, even live.

  • Providing much needed materials that we obtain via donation or purchase for our members.

  • Support artists to achieve their very best potential, teach them how to apply commercial acumen to their work so that they can become self-sufficient.

  • Promote individuals and groups work through subsidised events, exhibitions and installations.

  • Contribute towards learning & education programmes and recognised courses/qualifications.

  • Secure funding for creative projects via investors or charitable benefactors.

  • Create artist residencies from 6 months to 2 years to benefit the young and aspiring and also to include and care for the older and retiring artists, who have so much knowledge and experience to share with those who are on the same journey as they chose, all those years ago.

Benefits of supporting young artists

Acknowledgement & recognition: 
When we see the direct impact that we have on the life of an artist/creative, having welcomed them to join us as an unknown artist and then see their pieces sell at Gallery openings

The greater good
Knowing that we have been able to nurture and nourish a raw talent into a medium that provides joy for so many people and will continue to do so for quite possibly, hundreds of years to come.


Stimulating UK Economy
Bringing together a vast resource pool of talent and polishing it until it is being repeatedly commissioned for huge scale projects in the commercial and private environments.


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