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Sheena Lennox

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Sheena is a self-taught artist born and raised in bright and brilliant 80's London.


She has always been in awe of how the bold and vibrant colours of street art and graffiti can brighten up the most subdued spaces in the darkest parts of the city.

She is inspired by music and fashion and relishes the opportunity to incorporate her knowledge and passion for these alternative forms of art within her designs. 

Sheena's work uses daring and bold colours. She likes to create art in a variety of mediums to brighten lives and spaces, inspired by her love of street art and graffiti.

Working on digital art has opened up further space for Sheena to be creative and generate a variety of fresh ideas.


She has explored combining her art with existing images which have allowed her to produce some interesting, unique and eye-catching artwork. 

Sheena has a self-professed ‘all or nothing’ / determined personality and subconsciously this energy projects into her work. "Creating art is an escape and brings me to a place of tranquillity. My work is a depiction of my life and soul," says Sheena.


"Daring use of bold colours excite me – my work speaks with colour and emotion. I create art that brightens lives and spaces and is also distinguishable from other artist’s work. I create abstract art which has my own unique style and is ever evolving as our emotions are. I have always been fascinated by graffiti art techniques, how tags are used to communicate and connect whilst retaining an air of mystery and the risks graffiti artists take to showcase their skills in the most unusual of places."


Sheena uses many different mediums, such as acrylic paint, spray paint and gold leaf. She believes that working in a single medium would be restrictive to her artistic process and place limits on what she can create.


Each idea manifests in its own individual style. Recently, she has been experimenting with the visual art form and merging fashion photography, magazine and online fashion campaigns with spray paint art. The results are edgy and captivating.



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