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Aspire Via Studios partners with Pareto Facilities Management and saves apprenticeship role

The running of our South Bank Artist Studio centre is a big job. With several floors of creative spaces, it’s important we keep on top of all the facilities to make sure a whole range of services such as building management, compliance, engineering, cleaning, security and one-off projects are professionally managed. And it’s always gratifying if in the appointment of a partner for this we can help a young career develop.

We have now appointed the pioneering facilities service provider, Pareto Facilities Management Ltd with our facilities management contract. During mobilisation of the contract the funding for one of Pareto’s apprentices on a different contract unfortunately ceased. Due to the close working partnership forged during implementation, Pareto proposed an option to Aspire Via Studios to relocate the apprentice to the Southbank site.

We immediately offered to co-fund the role and agreed to the move. This saved the apprenticeship which otherwise would have ended. Both Aspire Via Studios and Pareto are fully committed to apprenticeships with Pareto spending one hundred per cent of their apprenticeship levy on an annual basis. Pareto work closely with the apprenticeship training providers to create a fully supportive working environment coupled with strong workplace mentoring which is fully endorsed by Aspire Via Studios.

Colin Kimber, Associate Director of Pareto FM, concludes “the strength of relationship we have with Aspire Via Studios meant I could immediately discuss the proposal with the client. The success of the mobilisation meant this would provide a fantastic experience for a young person and to be an active part of the growing partnership”.

The Apprentice at the center of this story, Dan Martin, added “It has been a great experience for me moving to this site, I’ve been given the opportunity to work in a building across a number of different disciplines. I am so grateful for the opportunity”.

All the best to Dan. Do say hello if you see him in our South Bank London Studios.


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