Why Oxford Street is the perfect place for artists in London

Art on Oxford Street
Art on Oxford Street

The UK is not short of art scenes, with an abundance of pretty hamlets, vibrant cities, glorious countryside and lively suburbs. For many UK creatives, London is the obvious choice of location, as the city provides that perfect mixture of busy city life and unique culture that makes for the perfect inspiration.

London is home to a vast mixture of neighbourhoods, from the chic area of Soho to the political centre of Westminster. For artists who are hoping to flock to London, the centre of the city will definitely not disappoint! Oxford Street, in particular, is a great place for artists in central London to gather inspiration and draw ideas from the cultural landscape that surrounds the area. This article will tell you why Oxford Street is the perfect place for artists in London.

The famous artists of Oxford Street

Any working artists in Oxford Street will be following in the footsteps of many renowned artists before them. In 2020, Sir Michael Craig-Martin unveiled his latest digital creation on Oxford Street. The artwork was showcased in the window of the Flannels store (advertising is a great way for digital artists to make their mark on Oxford Street).

Sir Michael Craig-Martin's digital artwork on Oxford Street in London
Sir Michael Craig-Martin's digital artwork on Oxford Street in London

Digital artists aren’t the only creatives who can thrive in Oxford Street, however, as many painters, photographers and sculpturists take inspiration from the area too.

In recent years, W1 Curates has transformed the high street by displaying works of art from both famous and upcoming artists on the exterior of the Flannels store. W1 Curates has showcased the artwork of Al Benthovsky, Mr Star City and many others. If you succeed in Oxford Street, your artwork could become an iconic part of the landscape.

Artistic inspiration

For many tourists, Oxford Street is famous for being the city centre’s high street, however, the area has much more on offer for local artists. Due to its popularity, Oxford Street is a treasure trove of culture, fashion and entertainment. Many visiting artists may be inspired by the street style worn by many of the shoppers in Oxford Street, or perhaps by the vibrant colours and hardworking locals that can be found at the marketplace. At the end of a busy day, Oxford Street becomes still as shops close up and restaurants serve their last orders. This is a great time for artists to capture the quieter moments that can be found in London.

London itself has one of the biggest collections of street art in the world. Both local and international creatives will travel to London each year to paint the city with their visions, creating an array of artwork throughout the city for all to see. You will find pieces from the likes of Banksy, Fanakapan, Space Invader and Bambi within walking distance from Oxford Street. London street art is a great way to draw inspiration and expand on your creative ideas.

Art inspired by Oxford Street

As well as working in the area, many artists will use Oxford Street as a muse for their artwork. Fine artists such as Paul Keaton will often take Oxford Street’s bustling roads and turn them into peaceful paintings that manage to find the calm within the chaos. It is not uncommon to find urban landscape artists drawing from the beauty that Oxford Street has to offer.

The benefits of being an artist in Oxford Street

Oxford street artists are never short of inspiration, with hundreds of people from all over the world travelling to the high street each day to experience the delights of London shopping. London itself is the perfect place for any creative to set up their home, as the city’s excellent transport services provide you with easy access to each corner of England, which means that you can take your creativity all over the UK.

Oxford Street is in the centre of London, which makes it a hotspot for artists- both famous and new. This means that you have the opportunity to draw from some of the most renowned artists in the world and their art will be right on your doorstep!

London is home to many art galleries, many of which enjoy displaying the work of local artists. By living in Oxford Street, you have the opportunity to showcase your work in some of the most famous galleries in England that are visited by millions of talent spotters and art dealers each year. Living in Oxford Street or central London gives you the potential to grow as an artist.

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