What to consider when choosing an artists studio

Deciding to get an artist's studio can be a big step. So, what should you consider when choosing an artist studio?

What to look for in an artists studio?
What to look for in an artists studio?

Although you might start out producing art in your shed or garage, there may come a time when it just doesn't cut it anymore. Maybe you need more space or maybe you need to get away from the distractions at home when working. Whatever the reason, many creative types soon find themselves looking for artist studios to rent. If you find yourself in this situation currently, the key thing is to know what to look for before leasing one. This is not always obvious though if you have never done it before!

Here are our top things to consider when choosing your artists studio:

Being part of a vibrant community with other artists

When thinking of what to look for in an artist's studio, somewhere which has a vibrant community is key. But why is this so important? While you might like to work alone, having other artists around to engage with usually proves inspiring. Networking with the people around you may well bring new ideas to the table and take you on fertile creative journeys. They may also be able to help give tips on how to market your art, how to deal with clients or how to sell more work.

Of course, having a community of like-minded people around simply makes any space more welcoming to work in and less isolated. Just be careful that any building your space is in does not house too many artists. In this instance, you might find that too many people working on top of one another is distracting.

Studio security

Security is paramount to consider when looking at artist studios to rent. You cannot afford to take any risks in this area and leave yourself vulnerable to danger. With this in mind, it is crucial to ask about the security features any studio has. Is it only accessible to those who rent space there for example? Does it have security staff on-site? Are there security staff around late at night or early in the morning, if this is when you like to work? Is there CCTV in place for extra protection and is the lighting adequate - both inside and outside the building? Finding the answers to all these questions will help you pick a studio which is secure to work in.

Tips for choosing an artists studio
Tips for choosing an artists studio

Studio location

Another key factor to think about is the location of the studio. To begin with, consider what setting you would like to work in. You may, for example, work better in a rural setting. In this instance, it would therefore be best to find a country studio. Don't forget to also consider how you and any potential clients or visitors may get there. This is true for both urban and rural studios.

If the commute is arduous or there are no decent transport links, then it might make the studio a poor choice for you. Of course, you should also delve into the area any studio is located in and ensure it is somewhere you feel safe travelling to, alongside working in. If having amenities like cafes or coffee shops to take a break in are important, make sure to check this too.

Managed services

This might not be something you think about to begin with, but it's worth factoring in. Managed services are general services that everyone in the building benefits from or can use as part of their studio rental. It could be a manned reception, help with IT support, use of a communal kitchen or breakout spaces to enjoy. A good tip is to think about what managed services are essential to you and then look for studio spaces which offer them.

Is there an option to exhibit?

Whatever kind of art you produce, being able to exhibit it is very useful. If nothing else, it allows you to network at the exhibitions themselves, find buyers for your work and build up your reputation. It is also great for showing friends and family your work. With this in mind, you should definitely look for a studio space which has the option to exhibit. This not only allows you to do all of the above but also saves you the hassle of finding somewhere separately to exhibit when you are ready.


Of course, one of the most important things to look for in artist studios is affordability. If you cannot pay the rent each month, then even the best studio in the world will be no good. With this in mind, it is key to work out your budget in advance and know exactly how much you can afford to spend. This will then save you wasting time and effort on looking at studios you can't afford.

Unique artists' studio space with Aspire Via Studios

Here at Aspire Via Studios, we have a large selection of unique artist studios in the UK to work from. Available in a range of locations, our studios are run and managed for charitable benefit. In addition, they offer all of the above benefits and more. If you are looking for a space to truly unleash your inner creativity and is affordable, secure and allows you to be part of a real community, call today on 020 7993 7167.

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