The Artists 12 Days of Christmas

12 Perfect Gifts for Artists This Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us, and you are probably already thinking about what great gifts you can get for your loved ones. The perfect gift can be hard to find, no matter who you’re buying for - but when it comes to the artist in your life, there are plenty of presents to choose from!

Whether you are completely stuck on what to buy or you just need a little extra inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. We have collected twelve of the best gifts you can give to artists this Christmas - there is something for everyone, so read on to find your perfect pick.

A painter’s apron

Searching for a practical gift that they will use every day? A painter’s apron is the perfect way to keep materials on hand and clothes protected. The life of an artist can be a messy one no matter what medium they work in, but this will be especially valuable for those working with paints or clay, with plenty of pocket space for materials. A sturdy and high quality apron is a must-have part of any artist’s arsenal, so make sure they have the best.

Inspirational books

If you know an artist who is also something of a bookworm, then why not let their two passions meet in the middle? There are a lot of wonderful books out there to entertain the passionate artist - try Hayden Herrera’s seminal biography of the legendary Frida Kahlo for those eager to learn more about the lives of well known artists. Or, for something a little more instructive, why not pick up modern classic The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which offers a combination of self-help and artistic discovery, or Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic for inspiration on how to live a creative life.

An essential app

Do you know an artist who is just starting out and hasn’t yet got all the tools of their trade? Then splurge on Photoshop for them - this is a vital piece of kit if they are planning to sell their art digitally, want to tweak photographs or artworks, or even create promotional materials for a gallery show. They will surely thank you for this thoughtful and multi-functional gift.

Magical materials

Having the right materials is an essential part of the life of an artist, so think about what their medium is and consider helping them to stock up. If they work with watercolours, then a top quality set is sure to be appreciated, or if they love modelling then some modelling clay might be a good idea. There are also some mixed media art sets out there that can help them to create whatever art they love to make. Don’t be afraid to ask them what their favourite medium is - or whether they want to explore something new, like oil paints or soft pastels.

Decorative colour theory poster

Colour is one of the most important parts of creating beautiful art. The colour wheel shows the relationships between colours and helps artists to know which colours will look best together. You can help them to always have colour theory in mind with a poster displaying the colour wheel - this would look great in any studio space and has a useful application to their daily creative endeavours. Plus, it’s unlikely anyone else will think of this so you are sure to bring something unique to their Christmas morning.

Nourishing hand cream

This might seem a strange one, but a moisturising hand cream could be one of the best gifts an artist receives this Christmas. Most artists work primarily with their hands, either painting, sculpting, or working with mixed media. Even primarily digital artists can feel the pain of constantly flexing their fingers in the winter cold! While this may be more of a stocking stuffer than a main gift, a nourishing hand cream is a great way to remind them to take care of themselves in the middle of their creativity.

An easel

Painters love easels and there is a reason for that - it makes creating beautiful paintings so much easier, and provides a place where the art can “live” as it is being worked on. Even if you know a painter who has an easel or two, think about the different sizes they might need - and maybe throw in a canvas as well!

A drawing tablet

For techy artists, a drawing tablet is a great investment. Make their year by giving them the gift of being able to create art in a whole new way. Not sure where to start? The Wacom PTH660 Intuos Pro is a great choice for beginners, and Wacom has some reasonably priced options generally. However, an iPad can also work wonders for drawing in this way - the choice is yours.

Online art classes

Artists love to develop and learn new skills. Online art classes are a fantastic way to discover fresh art styles and mediums to explore. Purchasing a membership to an online learning platform like Domestika or Skillshare could help your artist friend to learn and grow all through 2022 - and there will be plenty of other classes for them to choose from if they want to branch out from art. The classes can be taken at their own pace so they won’t have to carve too much time out to learn something new.

Studio space

Perhaps the best gift that you can give to an artist is space to create their art freely. While technically an artist can work anywhere, there is something special about having your own space to create, without interruptions, and somewhere to safely store your work out of the way of a busy life. A new artist studio is the ideal way to kick off the new year, so paying for your loved one’s space is sure to make their Christmas. Our South Bank Studios set on busy and beautiful Bankside are perfect for artists who want to be immersed in London’s atmosphere while having a quiet and secure space. With fantastic views over many London landmarks and plenty of room to grow their art and make connections with other artists, your gift will be appreciated every single day.

Artist’s journal

While this might sound like another book, it is slightly different. An artist’s journal is a visual diary that lets the artist write down thoughts, but also have space to paint or draw. Choose a high quality book with pages meant to take paint so that it does not bleed through onto other pages - 200gsm is optimal for this. Give them a free-flowing space to memorialise their year and create art in a more relaxed way.

A roll case

Does your loved one work with a lot of brushes that they like to take with them on the go? Then a leather roll case could help them to keep their brushes in order whenever they head away from the studio. You can even have these personalised to make the gift extra special.

There are so many options when it comes to picking up a fantastic festive gift for the artist you love. Whether they are aspiring or very experienced, there is a perfect present out there for them - happy Christmas shopping!