The 8 best art podcasts right now

The best 8 art podcasts | Aspire Via Studios
The best 8 art podcasts | Aspire Via Studios

Have you discovered a favourite art podcast yet? If you are passionate about art, then you probably love to soak up any art-related media. A good artist biography can inspire your own creative journey and reading an article in an art magazine can encourage you to visit an exciting new gallery. However, if you want to learn more about everything arty, then you can’t go wrong with a podcast.

You may not know there are podcasts about art, but there is one for every taste! From podcasts talking about the artistic greats, time periods and trends to interviews with new and upcoming artists, you can learn more as you commute, run, or just hang out at home.

But what are some of the best art podcasts out there? We have collected eight of our favourites for you to listen to at your leisure.


The Art Of…

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The Art of Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

Brought to your ears by the Tate, The Art Of... covers a range of subjects based on artworks found in the gallery. It unveils everything from the art of comedy and the humour that artists bring to their work to the link between creativity and mental health. As you would expect, there is a mix of art experts and popular writers and critics sharing their thoughts. If you have missed getting to your favourite gallery, this might give you a little boost!


The Art History Babes

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The Art History Babes Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

For anyone who feels that art history is a staid subject, let The Art History Babes change your mind! This fun and upbeat podcast covers a variety of topics, often fueled by a glass of wine or two, giving quick art history factoids, topics outside of art history, and some in-depth discussions, too. From interviews with the artists of the day to retrospectives about surrealist artists and more, there is something for everyone.


Meet Me at the Museum

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Meet Me At The Museum Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

If you have spent the last year yearning to get back to wandering around museums again, this podcast is ideal for whetting your appetite. Familiar famous faces (or rather voices) get together with their friends and family and enjoy a stroll through their favourite spot. This has a cosy feeling, as you can vicariously experience the art, the artefacts, and even some behind the scenes knowledge.


The Modern Art Notes Podcast

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The Modern Art Notes Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

Produced by critic Tyler Green, this podcast is a great way to get some serious insider secrets. The Modern Art Notes Podcast airs weekly, interviewing artists, curators, authors and more about their work and passions. It is the sort of podcast that, after an hour of listening, you will always have learned something new and fascinating.


Art Juice

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Art Juice Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

Being an aspiring artist is not always a walk in the park, and Art Juice is the perfect podcast if you need a little creativity boost. This inspiring podcast is for art lovers and creative souls who enjoy listening to two friends, Alice and Louise, talk about their lives as artists. It will make you laugh, maybe wince in agreement, and make you think about your art and life in new ways!


The Great Women Artists

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Great Women Artists Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

Inspired by the popular Instagram account of the same name, this podcast seeks to celebrate women artists. The discussions are led by presenter, historian and curator Katy Hessel, who interviews artists, art fans, curators and more about the female artists who they love and admire. You may find your new favourite artist right here!


Talk Art

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Talk Art Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

Led by actor Russell Tovey and experienced gallerist Robert Diament, this podcast is a fun and informal podcast that discusses the magical quality of art and how it connects all creatives, and all people. Guests include artists and gallerists, as well as journalists and musicians. This treasure trove of interviews gives a great cross-section of those who have been impacted by many different kinds of amazing art.


Recording Artists

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Recording Artists Podcast | Aspire Via Studios

This is one for the art historians among you, or just those who love getting a glimpse of the greats and how they worked. Brought to you by the Getty, this incredible podcast is something completely different. It uses archival interviews in order to delve into the lives of famous female artists from Yoko Ono to Lee Krasner and more. This is interwoven with the artists of today and historians to frame these interviews and give you more insight into the world of the female artist, then and now.


Are you feeling ready to dive into the world of the art podcast? Choose your new favourite to listen and you might just pick up some fascinating insights.

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