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The best art magazines | Aspire Via Studios

When you are an artist, you can find inspiration everywhere. Whether you are going for a walk in nature, visiting a museum, or watching a favourite film - there are little nuggets of creativity in everything. But sometimes, you not only need the inspiration to create, but also some practical advice, too, and information on the current trends and famous faces in the art world.

This is where art magazines come in. With plenty to choose from, you are spoiled for choice, depending on what you want to read. So, come with us, and dive into the world of the six best art magazines you can pick up today!

Aesthetica Magazine

Aesthetica Magazine | Aspire Via Studios

As one of the UK’s leading arts and culture magazines, Aesthetica is a real must-read for anyone interested in creativity. Whether you are an artist, a writer, or just intrigued by the rich world of creatives, then this is a great read for you. It provides a great glimpse of art, architecture, writing, design, and a range of other disciplines from all around the world, giving you some insight into areas you might not be familiar with.

They also work to develop new talent in literature, art and film, with exhibitions and events running throughout the year. A truly invigorating read for any artist!

The Artist

The Artist Magazine | Aspire Via Studios

Whether you are just getting into the world of painting and art, or you are a committed artist with years of experience, The Artist (and its sister publication, The Leisure Painter) is an excellent, informative publication that can help you to get in touch with your creativity.

This inspiring magazine has interviews with artists about their work, information about opportunities and competition, and mini-tutorials from established artists keen to share their knowledge with the next generation of creatives. It isn’t quite as edgy as some other magazines, but it is a cosy treat that will offer plenty to inspire anyone on a creative journey!

Art and Framing Today

Art + Framing Magazine | Aspire Via Studios

This magazine might be a little niche, but it is one we don’t see very often! Art and Framing Today is an in-depth magazine which offers trade insights for professionals working in art and framing. If you are just starting out in the industry and want to pick up some tips and tricks and read some interesting interviews, then this is the magazine for you.

With practical advice and industry-standard knowledge, it is a must-have for anyone working in the art industry in this capacity.

Apollo Magazine

Apollo Magazine | Aspire Via Studios

If you have ever talked to someone about art magazines, then Apollo will have surely been mentioned. This international mainstay of a magazine is a real must-read for so many different creative disciplines. As the oldest magazine focusing on the visual arts, Apollo seeks to share interviews, reviews of popular and upcoming exhibitions, and incisive and fearless deep dives into the most hotly debated topics keeping the art world abuzz.


Art Review Magazine | Aspire Via Studios

ArtReview was founded in 1949 and has been a popular and necessary voice in the contemporary art world ever since. This beautifully produced magazine aims to be an authoritative voice in the artistic community while remaining accessible to non-specialists - and striking this delicate balance successfully every time.

Releasing an impressive nine issues a year, ArtReview includes criticism, commentary, analysis, guides and more, while also holding events year-round to help keep art relevant and accessible in this fast-changing modern world.

Art Monthly

Art Monthly Magazine | Aspire Via Studios

This UK based magazine is released by the Art Monthly Foundation, a charitable organisation that seeks to bring art to everyone, keeping the country abreast of all the goings-on in the artistic community.

With in-depth analyses of art trends, interviews, profiles and reviews, Art Monthly is a great way to get finger-on-the-pulse knowledge of contemporary art. Published in striking black and white, this magazine looks beautiful and provides a thrilling amount of information for anyone looking to know more about the art world.

Art Monthly also runs a radio show for yet another way for those involved in the artistic community to keep their knowledge current. Besides that, Art Monthly is also the only art magazine that boasts a regular column on Art Law, so you know you are reading a well respected, high quality publication!

Have you found your next favourite read? Pick up one of these amazing magazines and dive headfirst into the art world for all the inspiration you need. If you're looking to hire an artist studio, contact our team today.


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