Sheena Lennox wins Camden Town Commission

Congratulations to London-based artist Sheena Lennox. Sheena was selected by the judges of our latest commission to create artwork for a property development project in Camden Town.

The commission, managed by Aspire Via Studios, was set by a UK property development business. They were looking to commission some original work to be used across their visual identity and specifically their latest property project in Camden Town, London.

There was no set brief for the commission. As a guideline, in terms of creative, the developer was looking for mixed-media/digital collage style work with an urban edge. They were looking to commission some original pieces which will be distinctive and make the developer stand out and fit in to the context of Camden Town. 

Sheena commented: "A call to commission one or more artists to create mixed media / digital, collage artwork for a property developer in Camden Town, seemed perfect for me. It is exactly my style. I leapt at the chance to enter the competition. It was a quick and simple submission process, entry was so straightforward!

I am so pleased with the outcome, I was delighted when I found out that I had won. This opportunity is truly a positive moment for me and my career and I am grateful to the judges for choosing my work.

I would like to show my true appreciation to Aspire Via Studios for providing me with this fantastic opportunity. The support you are giving artists is just wonderful. I am truly grateful for your amazing support and the recognition of my work. I want to convey my sincere gratitude to all for all the amazing work you are doing for the artists of this world, if only there were more charities like you! "

Sheena Lennox Artwork | Aspire Via Studios
One of the images Sheena submitted as part of the commission process

In addition to congratulating Sheena, we'd like to go on record and thank the other 40 or so artist who all took the time to apply for this commission. The standard and quality of work submitted was truly incredible and illustrates what a vibrant art community we have.

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