How to sell your art on Instagram

How to sell your art on Instagram | Aspire Via Studios

Being an artist is a wonderful thing. Whether art is your career, a hobby you are looking to turn into a career, or a passion project that you want to share with the world, taking that leap from creating to selling your art can feel like a big one.

However, online platforms have made it easier to connect with an audience of appreciative art lovers, those who will want to own a little piece of your creativity.

Instagram is an especially great place to sell your art, but there is no magic wand you can wave to make it happen. You will need to follow some simple steps to give yourself a better chance of success. We have collected some tips for how to sell your art on Instagram - read on to discover how to make your dream a reality!

Show up

Unless you are an Instagram pro, you might not be familiar with the idea of algorithms, or their importance in gaining visibility. This is a complicated area, and it is impossible to win every time, but the important thing to know is that Instagram favours those who post regularly. If you post every day, or every other day, your posts are more likely to show up at the top of your followers’ feeds. Not only that, but providing reliable content keeps your audience engaged and familiar with your name. This can help you to build a dedicated following - and they will be hungry for your art.

Timing is everything

It isn’t only important to think about how often you post on Instagram. You should also take a moment to consider what time you post. Depending on where you are in the world, there are certain popular times to share content, when more people are using the platform. For example, over lunchtime during the week is a great time to post, or in the mornings at the weekend when people are enjoying a slow day. This improves the odds of as many of your audience viewing your work as possible.

Share your process

Share your art process on Instagram | Aspire Via Studios

While it might be tempting to show off only finished artworks that you have honed to perfection, part of the joy of following artists online is seeing how they create something. This is not just akin to a gallery exhibition - your followers will love to know how your art has been made, your human struggles with it and your triumphs. It can help you to make more of a personal connection with your audience, allowing them to see you not just as a creator of art they love, but as a full person. Sharing pieces of your daily life is a great way for your followers to feel closer to you and your work.

Build relationships

Speaking of personal connections, building relationships with your followers is a vital part of cultivating an Instagram platform that helps you sell your work. Engage with your followers to create authentic relationships that will make people all the more eager to support your work. You can find more followers who will be interested in your art through using hashtags, but once they are there, it’s up to you to make them feel welcome.

It is a good idea not just to always reply to your followers when they engage with your posts, but to follow some of them back and engage with their content in turn. This can create symbiotic relationships and lead to some more sales. But remember - having fewer followers who engage with you is more important than having thousands who don’t.

Join a community

Join an Instagram Art Community | Aspire Via Studios

One of the best things about joining an online platform such as Instagram is that it gives you a chance not just to build your own community, but to join one. Aspire Via Studios seeks to support emerging artists, and you can find all sorts of inspiration and connection with other artists on the Instagram page, and perhaps even be featured by using the hashtag #aspireviaart. There are plenty of other artists out there also looking to raise their profile, get great advice, and share support and resources - reaching out could be the best step you take in your career. After all, no artist is an island.

Remember, setting up an Instagram account might be easy, but to sell your art you will need to work hard, be dedicated, and keep showing up even when it’s tough! Someone out there needs your art, and with these tips, you will be well placed to reach them.


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