How to get the word out about your art

Have you been creating art for a while now but have no idea how to drum up interest for it? It can be difficult, in an increasingly digital world, to know just how to get the word out about your art. Here are out tips to promote your art.

If you want to know some ways to share your art with the world, read on. We promise to go beyond the usual answers of Facebook and Instagram - there are other options out there! You just have to be as creative with your marketing as you are with your art.

Emails and newsletters

If you have a website, one easy way to raise awareness about your art, any sales you might have or shows you are a part of, is through email marketing. Sending out an email or newsletter with updates about your art and life is a great way to make a personal connection and let people know about events they might wish to attend. Visitors to your website will be able to sign up to your newsletter, and sending it out will allow them all to receive it at once - fill it with your own personality and let your art shine!


Nowadays, nearly everyone has a favourite podcast. There are plenty of popular podcasts based on art world topics. From art history and highlighting emerging artists to guiding listeners around favourite galleries, there is something for everyone. If you have the time and an amazing idea, you can set up your own podcast - perhaps with a friend for added fun and some conversational banter! However, if you aren’t confident about setting up your own quite yet, you can also guest on other podcasts. Many podcasters host up and coming artists, giving you access to their audience as well as yours.


Have you ever sat down on a quiet Sunday evening and followed a YouTube painting tutorial? Even for artists with their own style, this can be a fun way to explore different techniques. Why not set up your own YouTube channel and record your own tutorials? You don’t need a host of fancy camera equipment and microphones - you can simply film yourself creating art and provide on screen instructions, or engage with your audience by writing a script and reading instructions out loud. The more personal the better! Make this platform your own and people will be keen to discover more of your art.

Traditional press

Times might have changed, but there is still value in doing things the old fashioned way. You could advertise any gallery or studio displays you might have in a local newspaper. Or think about doing an interview or tour of your own studio with a publication perhaps based at a local college or university. This can provide incredible exposure for you. Not only that, but people love to support home grown talent, so this could lead to more opportunities, such as teaching a class.

Word of mouth

While we are on the topic of traditional means of exposure, don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth and making connections. If you have friends or family in the art world, or even those who aren’t, they can be invaluable allies. If you have a gallery showing, or a website, there is no shame in checking with your friends and colleagues to see if they will put a good word in for you with their own interested acquaintances.

Provide a business card or put your details on the back of sold art (where possible and appropriate) to make contacting you easier. A personal referral is often the best way to get the word out.

Social media

Okay, we know we said we wouldn’t just talk about social media, but it is important to mention that, even if you feel a little burned out by the big platforms, they can still be an important way to raise awareness of your art. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can help you to join communities and connect with other artists, as well as sharing your own work. And heavily image based platforms such as Tumblr and Pinterest are how many people discover emerging artists, and where artists often take commissions. Explore these and see which you love - there is something for everyone.

We know that marketing your art takes a different kind of skill set from creating it, but you can also let your creativity shine in this area. And before you know it, you will have more and more people aware of the amazing art you make.


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