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Tips to Sell Your Art

Being an artist is a calling as much as a career, and the urge to create your work is often driven by passion rather than a desire for profit. However, it is a wonderful feeling to get your art out into the world and have more visibility — and to potentially even be able to sell your art. But how can you do this?

Here, we take a look at some top tips for how you can create more visibility for your art and get it sold so more people can enjoy your creativity.

Define your style

While all young artists experiment with form and style, if you are seeking to build a “brand” around your art, you want a defined visual style that art lovers can recognise as entirely yours. You can still dive into new techniques and subjects, but by having a style all your own, people will be more likely to see what is unique about your art. In a sea of talent, you want to stand out.

Build an online presence

In the present day, it could not be more important to build an online presence. This can feel overwhelming because of the sheer amount of social media platforms, but a good place to start is with Instagram, where you can also advertise works for sale and connect directly with those interested in buying. You can, of course, post pictures of your finished artwork, and videos documenting your process — TikTok can also be a fantastic platform for this.

If you want to do longer form and more instructional videos, YouTube can help to improve your visibility further and build a personal connection to your audience. By diversifying the platforms you use, you open yourself up to a wealth of different demographics.

Create a website

A Website Gives You A Permanent Place Online | Aspire Via Studios
A Website Gives You An 'Always On' Place Online

Social media isn’t the only place you should be looking to grow your profile. It is easier than ever to set up your own artist website where you can present more details on your work, your process, and events or showings you are going to. You can display your artwork and sell through your own website, with many platforms offering straightforward ways for customers to make purchases.

In addition to your website, you may also wish to set up a mailing list and send out a newsletter so you can let people know what you’re up to, run sales and promotions, and add another level of connection.

Source networking opportunities

Networking in person can get your art seen and potentially lead to sales. A great way to sell your art is to hire a stall at art fairs and maker events. Here, you can rub shoulders with other creators and those who are actively looking for up and coming artists to buy from.

Prepare to talk about your art and be confident when meeting people in person! You are your own best tool when it comes to marketing and making fellow artists and art lovers believe in your work.

Get an artist studio

Networking in Artist Studios | Aspire Via Studios
Working in a studio provides great networking opportunities

There are lots of benefits to getting an artists studio, but one less considered upside is the networking opportunity this can provide. If you hire a studio to work in, make connections with other artists. Not only does this help spread the word about your work, but it is a great way to find out about possible gallery showings, commissions, contacts or events. (Interested in an artist studio? We can help!).

Consider taking commissions

If you have amassed a following on social media but you aren’t selling many of your artworks, you may wish to consider taking commissions from your followers. People are often excited to have a bespoke piece created by an artist they love, and this can lead to a lucrative sale and word of mouth recommendation. Of course, creating custom artworks can be time consuming and you are beholden to the vision of your client in many respects, but this can be a wonderful way to build your reputation and sell your art. Check out our commissions page for current and recent art commissions.

Give it away

It seems counterintuitive to give your art away, doesn’t it? After all, you want to sell it, and hopefully make a profit. But there is a lot to be said for gifting your art to charity auctions or public spaces like cafes and libraries, where you will gain more visibility and get your name into the public sphere. Don’t think of it as giving something away, think of it as creating free publicity.

Keep creating

These tips are not “get rich quick” ideas, but strategies that you must commit to and work on to see positive outcomes. The art world isn’t always easy to break, and you need some serious passion to succeed that will include marketing yourself and accepting when some opportunities simply don’t pay off. Don’t lose heart! Many of history’s most beloved artists were, in their own time, struggling in the same way you are. Keep creating, keep being visible, and your talent and drive will create growth and inspiration for even more art.

With these top tips, it will be a little easier to get started with getting your art seen and sold — who knows where your artistic journey may lead?


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