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Cezanne's studio in Aix en Provence | Aspire Via Studios
Cezanne's studio in Aix en Provence

Are you a committed artist, or just someone who adores art history? However you appreciate art, the artist’s studio is one of the most sacred and inspiring spaces. Many great artists have left their studios behind and they have remained nearly untouched - or have been painstakingly recreated for a modern audience to appreciate.

If you are looking for a little extra inspiration, then visiting famous artist studios can be a wonderful place to find that spark of creativity. We have compiled a list of five must-see artist studios from around the world. Read on to discover them all.

Cezanne’s studio in Aix en Provence, France

Set in the beautiful scenery of this glorious part of France, Cezanne’s studio is exceptionally special. Built by Cezanne when he was in his sixties, its main window faces north to capture the most incredible light. You can really see how Cezanne created amazing oil paintings and watercolours here during his final period.

While the space was previously privately owned, it is now owned and maintained by the city of Aix. It is carefully maintained as though Cezanne may step back through the door at any moment and take up his place with his paintbrush.

Barbara Hepworth’s studio in Cornwall, England

Barbara Hepworth's Studio as she left it in Cornwall | Aspire Via Studios
Barbara Hepworth's Studio as she left it in Cornwall

A sculptor working during and after the Second World War, Barbara Hepworth created some of her most magnificent pieces in this striking yet humble studio. It is where she sculpted her famous bronze, stone and wood pieces, and it is now a museum cared for by the Tate. Set against the beauty of the Cornish coastline, it is no wonder that Barbara Hepworth, and a whole host of other artists, have been inspired by this amazing area.

The inside of the studio is very clearly inspired by the natural world of the Cornish coast, with white walls and enough space for Hepworth to have created the stunning artwork you can see in the museum. Find out more here.

Joan Miró's studio in Mallorca, Spain

Miro's restored studio in Mallorca | Aspire Via Studios
Miro's restored studio in Mallorca

Miró was a multi-talented artist, who worked in many mediums - including painting, sculpting and printmaking. However, when he came to this Mallorca studio, he destroyed much of his previous work to begin a new phase in his artistic career… in his sixties!

However, this seemed to work to his advantage, as this stunning studio proves. It was his first studio space and he certainly made the most of it and founded The Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró to keep his inspiring legacy for all to see. When you visit, you will also find a fully operational printmaking workshop.

Frida Kahlo’s studio in Coyoacán, Mexico City

Frida Kahlo’s studio in Coyoacán | Aspire Via Studios
Frida Kahlo’s studio in Coyoacán

Frida Kahlo’s painfully personal art dealing with heartbreak, introspection, and physical disability are some of the most recognisable pieces of art you could hope to see. And for true fans, it is well worth making the pilgrimage to La Casa Azul (The Blue House), where she created some of her most iconic work.

This house was built by Kahlo’s father in 1904 and was where she was born, lived, worked, and eventually died. Today, the house has been preserved for all to see as a beautiful museum designed to inform and inspire. You can wander through the house that Kahlo knew her whole life, and explore her very own studio on the second floor. Even Kahlo’s wheelchair remains, so you can get a true view of the artist and the woman behind those amazing works.

Claude Monet’s Studio in Giverny, Normandy

Claude Monet’s Studio in Giverny, Normandy | Aspire Via Studios
Claude Monet’s Studio in Giverny, Normandy

No trip around the art world would be complete without a stop at the studio of Claude Monet. The famous artist lived here for forty-three years, where he painted some of the pieces you know the best, clearly inspired by the glorious natural wonder all around, such as the oriental gardens he created and the sun-dappled studio itself.

Today, the studio is a monument to his life and talent - while the paintings that hang on the wall may be reproductions of the originals, the furniture and possessions are the same ones owned by Monet himself. You can feel his presence both within and outside the studio and can see the incredible light which captured his imagination and drew him to paint such beautiful impressionist pieces.

Do you want to hop on a plane and find your way to one of these incredible spaces? With all these and more around the world, you can get an amazing glimpse into the lives of so many talented artists, and may perhaps even feel inspired to begin creating yourself, whatever your medium may be.

Which will you visit first?


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