Armando Alemdar New Exhibition 2022 Introspection at Zari Gallery

We are pleased to promote a new exhibition from an Aspire Via Studios artist, Armando Alemdar.

Armando Alemdar's work
Armando Alemdar's work

The exhibition runs until 6 May 2022 at Zari Gallery, 73 Newman Street, London, W1T 3EJ. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

In the current body of work Armando has continued his journey into the figurative that started a few years ago. In this exhibition however, we can discern distinct Symbolist elements, an art movement that has intrigued and inspired Armando throughout his artistic career. In this series of highly personal works, the forms are not only human figures of the material world, but symbols of what moves within us. They represent the interaction between hidden inner parts, which are often difficult to access and hard to describe with words. It is Symbolist art that describes our interiority with clarity and eloquence.

Armando Alemdar's work

Although more figurative, an interaction of representational and abstract elements is still permitted in the paintings to produce an overall balance that serves the purity of Platonic and metaphysical ideas. There is swiftness, potency in the flowing abstract elements and the rich colour palette, which act as a bridge to another dimension that renders the forms into vital, open processes in space.

Armando has in this exhibition visualised our humanity, making haunting figurative paintings full of references to recurring themes from Greek mythology. His art does not only offer interpretations of their narrative and meaning but also purports the universal human aspects and qualities inherent in Greek Myth.

Armando Alemdar's work

In Introspection Armando merges his interest in embracing both the beauty and the despair of the human condition. There is dynamism but also gentleness and grace in his paintings, through the incandescent velvet touch of his brushwork and the flow of movement that embodies the compositions.

Proceeds from sales will be benefiting displaced children in Ukraine.


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