Abbey Lowden wins Islington Studio commission

Aspire Via Studios is pleased to announce the winner of our latest commission. Congratulations to Abbey Lowden. She has been selected to create some original artwork for the new Islington Artist Studios which has been recently opened by Aspire Via Studios.

The commission judges felt that Abbey's large-scale colourful paintings would be the perfect style for the Islington reception area, bringing a high-impact welcome to the artist community working from the Islington studios. Her work is fun, bold and energetic - just like the studios themselves.

Abbey is a recent Fine Art graduate from the University of Hertfordshire. Alongside being a practising artist she works at a special needs school and is planning on doing a Masters degree in Art Therapy. Abbey loves listening to music and music inspires a lot of her paintings and helps her generate ideas and creativity.

Abbey creates large scale paintings that play with the relationship between chaos and form. The style deploys impulsive yet precise marks which symbolizes visions, sounds or feeling and so are full of energy.

'Down the Rabbit Hole' by Abbey Lowden
'Down the Rabbit Hole' by Abbey Lowden

Abbey says of her work: "I believe there is no worse feeling than being numb, so therefore I create paintings that help others to feel something. When it comes to choosing how to describe moments, sounds or feelings to others I would not choose words, but I would choose to paint them, to me this feels the most effective way to capture them in a tangible, permanent presence."

'Baby Brain' by Abbey Lowden, Aspire Via Studios
'Baby Brain' by Abbey Lowden

On winning the commission she says: 'I feel so honoured to be given the opportunity of the Islington Project Commission. The application process was really easy and I felt the brief was ideal for my type of work. I am so so excited to have won the commission and I'm really looking forward to creating some new work incorporating the beauty and history of Islington. I think it's every artist's dream to work in London and join the huge web of creativity and joy that is found in the art world here. I have felt so appreciated and respected as a 'new' artist finding my way into the enormous collection of artists based in and around London and I cannot wait to create this piece of work!"

Congratulations to Abbey.


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