5 reasons to get an artists studio

Are you weighing up whether to get an artists studio? If so, here's some thoughts on why it might be a great idea.

Reasons to get an artists studio | Aspire Via Studios
Is the time right for you to get an artists studio?

Why get an artists studio?

When it comes to producing art, where you choose to do it is very important. This is especially true if you are a professional artist who makes their living from what they produce. Just because art can be done from anywhere, this does not mean you should always do it from anywhere. It is actually critical to have your own separate artist studio space to work from. This may sound a little fanciful for any artists who currently work from home and have never thought about moving to their own studio, but it is true. Here's a few things to consider:

1. Better work/life balance

While you naturally love creating art, it is key to not let it consume your whole life. Setting boundaries to keep work and life separate is essential for your own overall happiness. If you have a family or partner, it also means you find enough quality time to spend with them. If you do not have boundaries in place to promote a decent work/life balance, it is all too easy to work non-stop at the expense of other things. Renting artist studio space is one of the most effective ways to keep your work separate from your life. This literally keeps the two apart and means that, when you leave your space for the day, you are not tempted to carry on working.

2. Helps you get into work mode and get creative

All artists know that you cannot force creativity or switch inspiration on like a tap. It takes time to uncover the focus required to start working and can also see us need time to switch off when the day is done. If you cannot do this, it can seriously impact not only what you produce, but also the quality of it.

Hiring an artist studio to work from helps because it is a separate physical space. You have to actually move your body to go to it and get home. This physical movement has a powerful mental effect and allows you to more easily create distance between your work and your life. Simply being in a space which you associate with work can help you create more and focus more on work when there.

3. You can set it up how you like

For any artist, the environment they work in is super important to the creative process. If you work in a setting which just does not inspire you, you will struggle to really unleash your true potential. Hiring a rented studio helps here as you can set it up how you like and what works best for you.

While you might not be able to redecorate or do any major work, you will still be able to configure it so you get the most from it. This might be something as simple as deciding where to position your table to work from or being able to work next to where the light is best. This is not always true at home, where you may have to compromise on working space - dependent on the design of the room you work in or the demands of others you live with.

5 reasons to get an artists studio
Adapt your studio to your needs, whatever your creative discipline

4. You need more space

Of course, hiring an external artist studio might be needed if you have run out of space at home. If you have no way of adding any more workspace there, then renting a studio which is bigger will help. This will not only mean you can produce more art and have enough room to store it, but also that it will be more inspiring to work in. Trying to create art in a cramped space is not ideal for most people, especially if you work in mediums like sculpture. Renting a studio to use is, therefore, a great option if you are running out of room at home.

5. Too many distractions at home

Working from home as an artist can seem like a great idea. There is no commute to make, you are at home with all the familiar comforts close at hand and you can spend more time with your partner or family. The problem though is that the distractions which stop you from working are close by as well. Whether it is the kids interrupting you constantly or extra long lunches in front of the TV, it can all eat into your working time. It can also mean you find it hard to stay in work mode and stay in the right creative zone. Leasing an artist studio resolves this because you will not have these types of distractions to deal with.

Unique creative spaces with Aspire Via Studios

So, there are some great reasons to consider renting an artist studio. Here at Aspire Via Studios, we have a large selection of spaces in the UK to choose from. All our unique spaces are secure, affordable and set-up to help you get the most from your art. Get in touch via the contact form on our website today for more details.

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