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Nedim Nazerali

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Nedim Nazerali | Aspire Via Studios

Nedim Nazerali is a Visual Artist, Filmmaker and Producer in the entertainment industry.

Ned always had creativity running through his veins, having grown up with a mother who was an artist and fashion designer, and a father who connected with him through the love of music and life, had given him huge inspiration and navigation towards his successes.

Nedim Nazerali, a London born photographer, director and visual artist, grew up in an environment bursting with creativity. With a mother who is an Artist and Fashion Designer, Ned was always surrounded with art at home, from large sculptures to abstract paintings hanging on the clean white walls, there was no room for the usual family portraits or even kids posters in case they marked the walls!

Ned's father on the other hand had connected with him through the love of music and life. With a large classic record collection to the very latest tunes, they would enjoy listening to music together whilst appreciating the record covers, stories and history of musicians.

These proved very influential to Nedim, and from an early age he naturally became compatible with 'Visuals and Sound' and was achieving great success in his endeavours as a saxophonist and photographer. By the time he was a late teen, he had already performed with numerous bands and orchestras from around the country in prominent venues including the Royal Albert Hall.

During this time, you would also find Ned with his camera, playing with light and shadow whilst capturing life around him. He would then lose himself in the dark room of his college to process his film whilst listening to good music. These moments of bliss confirmed for Ned the direction he wanted to go after college.

In 2005, Ned was offered a direct placement for the Fashion Photography Degree at London College of Fashion, without having to complete a required one years foundation course. His skills and friendly nature had been taken a liking to and was offered work at LCF to hold photo shoots for the final projects of the other BA courses.


By the time he graduated in 2008, he had already exhibited and published work such as for I-D magazine's ‘Safe+Sound’ issue, along with many reputable creatives; Issey Miyake, Alexander McQueen, and Mark Jacobs…to name a few!

Late 2008, Ned launched a career as a Photographer with his first portrait series exhibited at The Royal Academy of Arts, titled ‘The Lost Parade’, where he explored the power of the uniform in portraits.

Soon after, the Metropolitan Police had commissioned him on a 3 day shoot to photograph portraits of officials in every single uniform there was for a role. This was Ned's first paid commission after graduating and this gave him the courage to continue independently as a photographer.

During the next decade, Ned was producing commercial work with prestigious brands including Cartier, Topshop, Ozwald Boeateng, Bates Hats and Burberry. Ned refused to become complacent and so would never miss out on a unique commissions outside of his field including huge international billboard campaigns with the likes of Samsung and Sainsbury's.

Over time, Ned found himself drawing closer to his love of music and made connections in the music industry. This is when he met the young singer Rita Ora and was given the opportunity to take her portraits, which were soon published internationally leading up to her very first release. Ned then
contributed to the series ‘Rita Ora Diaries’, which was eventually televised on MTV when celebrating her career.

Not long after, whilst keeping his foot in the fashion industry door and earning a living from his loyal clients, Ned was growing fast in the music industry an  shot numerous record covers, directed music videos and worked with innovative technology, producing visuals for live shows giving the audience a heightened experience. Ned was able to express a unique visual language through storytelling and this lead him to work with many emerging and established artists.

Fast forwarding 2021, Ned is founder and director of HPS productions with music pioneer David Lawrence and a mission to connect and revive the history within people through Music, TV and Film.

With 41 years of experience in the entertainment industry between them, HPS reforms the digital era to create a positive social impact for our future generations, with the powerful content they produce to the opportunities they provide for young aspiring creatives looking for a safe place to create and achieve in the media industry.

Throughout all of this and behind the scenes, Ned has been growing as a visual artist under his brand ‘Nart Studios’, which has become a key driver for his creative ambitions. Combining photography and body paint, his subjects become a fresh canvas for him to capture powerful portraits and abstract visuals, which explore themes such as identity, self-worth and the limitless possibilities of the human spirit.

His artistic vison has interested the music scene greatly and has lead to commissioned and published work of which you will find in his album covers, music videos and campaigns that can be spotted around the streets of London. Nart is showcased with mediums of mixed media from giant prints, LED lightboxes, projections, and wall murals, forming an interactive experience for his audience as well as strengthening the sense of unity within communities. Ned has plans on showcasing his work annually to generate funding to support his philanthropic activities within communities, charities and for our environment.

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