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Flávia Felipe

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Flávia Felipe is a Brazilian multidisciplinary artist living in London. She is an independent artist and has worked across a wide range of projects including animation, puppeteering, low-fi fashion and contemporary arts.

In recent years, she has focused on experimenting with graphic art using collage and mixed media in illustration, design and animation work.

Flávia won an art commission through Aspire Via Studios in July 2021.

As an artist, Flávia is motivated to create new works but also to have the opportunity of sharing them with larger and diverse audiences. "Having my creations out there gives me an enormous sense of realization and satisfaction," she says.

She has recently won various commissions in central London. She was selected to create a mural as part of an event in Vauxhall and also won an Aspire Via Studios commission to create art for property developments in Bermondsey.



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