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Ekaterini Koliakou 

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Ekaterini Koliakou is from central Athens, Greece, and is based mostly in London. Her work has been exhibited since she was a student, and has been shown in both Europe and the USA. She has lived in various countries which has influenced her work dramatically. Her use of strong colours and powerful themes reflects the energetic dialogues she has with her encounters. 

Ekaterini sees her paintings, drawings and video work as the process of a diary. Working both figuratively, abstraction and words she gives a sense of intimacy and yet they are never confessional. In various techniques from using brushes to using her hands, the painted surface shifts between articulated brush strokes to playfully primitive impulsive mark makings.  Her subjects are often naked to allow a sense of honesty and equality. Her work is sensual and cynical, provocative but gentle.

Ekaterini started her studies in 1987 in Vakalo Art and Design college then continued with black & white photography at Focus Athens, Greece.  She moved to London for the foundation course of Art and Design in Kingsway College until 1993 and then continued at the Fine Art Academy Aldo Galli Academy in Como, in 1995 Acamedy of Fine Art Brera in Milan until she finished her studies at theFine Art School of Athens and practiced her Erasmus in the Fine Art School, Utrecht in 2001. She graduated with a distiction.

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