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Deborah Hodge

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Deborah Hodge (aka Cecily Baker) is a multimedia artist living in Sidcup. She is a painter, a mixed media artist, photographer, video maker, writer and also a performance artist.

After a huge personal catalyst, Deborah metaphorically pressed the "f** it" button.  In 2013 with a baby under her arm, she moved away from the countryside escaping horrific domestic abuse yet unwittingly moved back into a housing crisis. At the same time she left 15 years as an art teacher and deputy headteacher.

When faced with eviction and the possibility of losing her children, she started writing and wrote her first novel 'Putting Back Together The Pieces You Broke." In an effort to publicise her work she did an exhibition called "People Who Nonced Me" which ended up being covered in the London Evening Standard.

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