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Artist Studio Spaces on the Isle of Wight

Great value artist studios now available in wonderful Isle of Wight locations. Apply with Aspire Via Studios today. 

Brilliant artist studios on the Isle of Wight

Aspire Via Studios is pleased to announce a new location available in the Isle of Wight for artists studio spaces, art exhibitions, events and young artists classes. There is also space for two artists to be in residence.  


The Isle of Wight is an island off the south coast of England. It’s known for its beaches and seafront promenades such as sandy Shanklin Beach and south-facing Ventnor Beach, which is dotted with vintage beach huts. Dinosaur remains and fossils can be seen in areas like Compton Bay and Yaverland Beach. On the island’s western point, The Needles are three huge, white chalk rocks, guarded by a 19th-century lighthouse.


Are you inspired by the sea and nautical scenery? Or are you passionate about all things prehistoric?  If you would like to spend your days beach combing for Jurassic joy, taking advantage of the sea air, then returning to your studio just minutes away by foot, then this location will be of interest to you.


Artist studios on the Isle of Wight now available

The Aspire Isle of Wight artists studio space is a former retail unit over two floors with cavernous space, high ceilings and exceeds 11,000 square feet.  It also benefits from a secure hardstanding outside area to the rear, ideal for parking, bike stores, recycling programs and when the weather improves, working outdoors. 

A lovely creative space in a distinctive, by-the-sea location, our Isle of Wight artists studios are now available. Please get in touch to arrange a viewing.

Artists love our studios on the Isle of Wight

Unique Spaces

As a member of Aspire Via Studios, you enjoy completely unique and individual spaces to work from.  Spaces that fit your own exacting style & location brief  and that will never compromise on what you need.  Whether it’s natural light or an industrial feel that you need, you can trust us to find your perfect space.  


All of our studios, residencies and spaces are heavily subsidised by our generous, charitable benefactors and are offered at a fraction of the cost of a traditional studio.

Doing Good

Only with Aspire Via Studios do artists and creatives have the chance to not only improve their own work and that of others, but also to contribute towards the improvement of others lives, in particular those that follow on from us and inhabit our planet.

Artist studios on the Isle of Wight Shan

A unique model

We make available artist studios through an innovative model. We work with forward-thinking landlords to make studios and spaces available on highly competitive terms. And we promote charitable activity to support the next generation of artists from under-privileged environments.


We also encourage each and every member of our community to contribute however they can to our carbon footprint reduction and social corporate responsibility.  This is not an order of our members, but is a passion shared by and performed by our team.  In exchange for the limitless practice help, advice & support we provide our artists and creatives, we expect them to do their part and assist us in upholding our core values.


This could be something as simple as cleaning items materials donated to us, so that we might re-purpose them creatively and sell as a commissioned pieces, auction them to generate revenue or simply re-donate them to other charities that are doing good.


Join our community

There are a great number of features and rewards available when you become an Aspire artist or creative.


You will be transported from working in a spare room, a garage, a living room or stuck in a lacklustre, expensive space with no inspiration to being welcomed into a buzzing community of likeminded people who share your passion, your knowledge and your interests.  We welcome all types of artists to our community; you may find that other artists are able to share their wisdom and experience with you for your personal improvement.  This priceless help, advice, practical approach and unique immersive environment contributes to unlocking your future and true potential to earn form your work and allows the rest of the world to see and enjoy your creations.


We do more than simply provide great artists studio spaces. We also aim to support artists’ development with community classes. These enable you to learn new skills and provide an opportunity to exhibit your work, or hold events to promote yours and others work. Our spaces enable you to take advantage of our subsidised promoting of your work, take part in networking days where you can meet gallery owners, museum/collection curators, art dealers, art teachers, known artists and also engage with our generous benefactors, who all have a vested interest in the success of each and every member of Aspire Via Studios.  Nothing would please us more than seeing every artist and creative from our spaces go on to achieve great success.  Please remember us when you do!  Perhaps you might return to inspire someone as a guest speaker in the future.

Artist Painting on Canvas

All artists welcome

Textile Designers

Film & Digital Artists
Video game artists 
Comic Artists
Design Technologists 
Garden Designers
Interior Designers


Screen Printers 
Print Artists
Graphic Designers
Fashion Designers
Performing Artists (Residencies) 
Screenwriters (Residencies)
Play Writers (Residencies)
Authors & Creative Writers
Conceptual artists

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